Sunday, November 1, 2015

Toilet training

(entry in progress)

(entry in progress)

Last weekend, we went to my cousin's wedding dinner banquet and 

Yesterday, I brought my elder girl to the Clean and Green Singapore event alone in the morning, while my hubby and baby had their morning naps together. As usual, I always get her to wear her diaper before bringing her out. Everything was great and I even met my colleagues and some students who were volunteering at the event. We went to one game booth and got a stamp, and we could collect a free goodie bag by collecting 3 stamps from the game booths. It started to get crowded and we were in the long queue at the next game booth when my girl started to press her crotch and whined. There wasn't any alternative choice, so we left the queue and I brought her to the portable toilets - the only toilets - available at the event. I went to the nearest cubicle and opened the door. It was rather dark and stinky inside and she refused to step in. I told her that she didn't have a choice but to let go in her diaper. She was very uncomfortable and demanded to be carried. So we didn't manage to complete 3 games and I quickly carried her and bought lunch before going home. Once we got home, she went to the toilet, and her diaper was still dry. She refuses to urinate in her diaper and she doesn't want to use the public toilets. Sigh, I'm at wits' end. Does it mean we aren't going anywhere else anymore until she's willing to use the public toilets?

Side track a bit... My girl received this free story book from the Clean and Green Singapore event. 

"Cody and the Food Monsters" is a story book that educates the little ones about reducing food wastage. Coincidentally I read about the mud cookies in Haiti the other day. The poor people there are resorting to eating dirt to stay alive, and here we are, very fortunate to be picking what we like for each meal. We really have to be counting our blessings, and not let food that can be used to feed other people goes to waste.

Today, we went to my brother's place to celebrate his (belated) birthday! This time, we brought her toilet seat along to my brother's place as we were there the whole day. She needed to go to the toilet several times and I'm glad we decided to bring her toilet seat along. When we went out for lunch, we dropped by Kiddy Palace to look for the foldable toilet seat, but the particular branch that we went to is very small and doesn't carry the toilet seat. In fact it's so small, it doesn't even carry proper toddler shoes and we had to go to Bata to get my girl a new pair of shoes. Her toes were sticking out of the old pair of sandals that she was wearing, and it was her only pair.

Dinner was great. Yums!! We went to a vegetarian eatery near my bro's place for dinner. After the sumptuous dinner with my folks, my girl was once again all flustered and demanding to go to the toilet. The public toilet at the eatery was the squatting type which my girl has never used before. In the end, we rushed back to my bro's place with her toilet seat so that she could relieve herself before the long car ride home. The bonus for me was that I could finally see the night view from my bro's beautiful balcony.

Next item on my shopping list is definitely the foldable child toilet seat! Any tips on how to train  a toilet-trained toddler to use the adult toilet bowls? Hmmm, I guess I'll have to wait patiently until she's grown big enough for it.

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