Wednesday, November 11, 2015


For my first girl we bought a Pigeon 3-in-1 multi-function-steam-sterilizer and we fully utilized it. We wanted to reuse it for our second girl but in the end, we were convinced that the new Haenim dryer and multi sterilizer that carries will do a much better job.

And it did. *thumbs up*

We let our elder girl choose the colour and she went with this beautiful blue. There are other selections and all of them are nice!

We had our reservations at the beginning and wondered if we should spend money on a new sterilizer.

Now, no regrets getting a new sterilizer as this one is so much better... with no messy water droplets to deal with, and many things can fit into it at one time. Just look at this - fully occupied with the bottles, pump parts and even the container for holding those parts - while the UV rays doing the incredible job of sterilizing them!

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