Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Before I start talking about avocado... well, I'm not good at cutting at all and as I sliced through the loaf of homemade bread yesterday morning for bringing to school, some broken slices were left at home. Today, I decided to make bread pudding with the leftover bits of bread. I made a small bowl with baking paper, broke the bread into smaller pieces and poured in a mixture of a small egg and about two tablespoons of milk, beaten together. Hmmmm... It wasn't a lot of mixture for the bread to soak in, so instead of being pudding-like, the result was more like french toast. I topped with dried cranberries and maple syrup, and it makes a hearty breakfast with my mum-in-law's kopi. Best part is, I know every single ingredient that goes into this breakfast!

And yesterday baby had her first food! She doesn't seem to be ready for solid food though, and only had a tiny little bit of avocado. In short, she had probably 1% of this avocado, and 99% went into the pizza I made last night, in previous entry. :P

We used her Miffy milestone card~ Nope, that's cards, not card... because multiple milestones were achieved yesterday! :D *proud mama*

We even celebrated her half-year-old birthday with a mini cake that MIL bought, and her sis and cousin sang her birthday song! I took a video for keepsake, but not uploading it. Overall, it was a very happy moment for everyone. :)

And today I made "eggocado" with the leftover avocado from her second day of avocado tasting. :)

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