Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bread maker

I was indeed very pleasantly surprised when my department gave me a Mayer bread maker as farewell gift, one handpicked by my boss, instead of the generic pens that were given in previous years.

Received the bread maker on Thursday and last night I used it for the first time. I was so excited about it, I decided to take a short video clip using Instagram to commemorate the moment.

I'm so glad that my first attempt turned out successful as I've read cases of failed first attempts when following the recipe provided in the manual, and I was pretty skeptical as the ingredients were being churned around in the bread maker. Had a slice of the fresh fluffy white bread last night for supper and was brimming with satisfaction. New achievement unlocked! My very first homemade bread~ :D

Eagerly waiting to cut and eat the bread.

Today's breakfast with my girl - homemade bread toasted with cheese and cherry tomatoes.

And so I made another loaf of bread tonight, to bring to school tomorrow and share with my dear colleagues. Can't wait to treat them to my fluffy homemade bread! :)

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