Friday, October 30, 2015

Engorged on one side only

Yesterday I didn't manage to pump enough milk and today I'll be out the whole day. I panicked and I took 3 fenugreek pills and drank the milkmaid tea twice. Possibly because I wasn't quite well the night before and vomited twice... perhaps my body was just a little dehydrated and still recovering.

Then today...

(posted in a secret group that's for close mummy friends only)

And this morning suddenly one side got super engorged! Baby still wakes up several times to latch and I'll alternate sides (hopefully I remember the side correctly). However sometimes she latches longer while sometimes she latches for just a bit and then rolls away. Maybe she latched longer on the right and kept rolling away on the left. Or maybe I didn't remember the sides correctly in my sleep...

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