Friday, October 23, 2015

Milestone cards

My cousin gave me a box of the original Milestone Baby Cards when my first girl was a new born and we've been having fun taking photos of her and her milestones with the cards.

How I miss those days~ although she's even more fun now!

We've been keeping the used Milestone Baby Cards with her milestones dated on the cards. Initially we were thinking to reuse those cards for my second girl and perhaps put a sticky note over the date to write the new one.

The old cards that we've been using since 2012.

Now we don't have to reuse them anymore as she's having her own Milestone baby cards in miffy edition! :D Isn't that cute? Miffy's super cute!

The three sets of Milestone Baby Cards that we have at home.

Even my elder girl gets a set of The Original Toddler Cards. Remember my update on Tuesday, in which I post about these gifts from my cousin? My elder girl quickly grabbed the set of Toddler Cards when I told her it's for her. She's been eyeing the old set of Milestone Baby Cards on my bedside table but I didn't let her play as I had wanted to reuse them for her baby sister. She's delighted to get her hands on her own set of cards now!

She grabbed the box as I was snapping pics... shall review the Neckerchew another day!

Let's take a peek inside the box of The Original Toddler Cards!

Love the vibrant colours!

There's a poster with all the cards' illustrations on it, and to keep her occupied with the cards that she's so excited about, I let her have a game of matching the cards to the illustrations on the poster. She actually loves it and we play the matching game with her cards almost everyday now. ^^

Having fun finding the matching illustrations on the poster.

And my baby gets to have a little hands-on session with her set of miffy cards too!

Baby girl's very own Milestone baby cards, miffy edition!

Today she's 5 months old and we took a photo of her with the milestone card.

Took this on parents-in-law's bed~

Then I couldn't resist taking another photo before her bedtime. ^^

In our bed before her bedtime. She loves the Lamaze doll!

There are 3 sets of Milestone cards in miffy edition... these are not mine though. My friend won these cards from a contest on Milestone Cards Singapore Facebook page!

Milestone baby cards, mini cards and pregnancy cards. In miffy edition!

Find out if they're in stock at!