Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sleepless in Sunday afternoon

The girls, tired but refusing to nap. In fact I nursed my baby girl to sleep and my big girl woke her up shortly after.

I was frustrated. And I had to bring my big girl out for a halloween party with her little girl pals. I'm happy to meet up with my dear mummy friends and their kiddos, but my girl was wailing away upon reaching the party venue, flaunting to all her powerful cranky cries from the lack of nap.

Why wouldn't you nap? Why? We put you in bed from 12pm to 2pm, then in stroller until the party at 4pm. Why? Why wouldn't you nap?? *sigh*

That aside, I'm glad my hubby stayed at home and took care of our baby girl while I was out with the cranky elder one. Despite her crankiness, we did have a good time together with my mummies-friends and her little friends. *thankful*

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