Friday, November 2, 2012

What a cranky day

Baby was cranky in the morning after her bathe... Then she was finally okay. I had lunch and my parents-in-law went out.

My colleagues came to visit and baby was enjoying herself for a while, then she got cranky again. My colleagues felt bad for disturbing her sleep, although I told them they didn't, and they left shortly.

Baby continued to be super cranky the rest of the afternoon and I was really on the verge of falling asleep as I cuddled her in bed, but she just kept screaming her lungs out and I had to carry her and walk around.

Last night she slept near midnight and woke up at 4+ in the morning today. I'm sure that she's tired too as she slept as little as me (that's not counting the few naps she had in my arms)... and I am seriously feeling burnt out.

Furthermore hubby's not home last night and even now, he's not home yet. Baby was cranky all the way till night and i couldn't have a decent dinner as I was home alone with her and cuddling her to pacify her. I'm still home alone now with baby who has finally fallen into deep slumber. Yes! My turn to snooze... Lying in bed now while updating this. Good night!

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