Sunday, November 4, 2012

One day in future

There will come a day when all the angry girlfriends will ditch their husbands and come live together! Because seriously, if women can have babies own our own, there is certainly no need for any man. Man only sleeps and eats and play games and watch anime and does no chores although they work and earn the dough, while woman works too and takes care of home and takes care of children. You think women doesn't want to sleep more and relax more? Women are just more committed to the kids, the well being of the family and the living environment. If only men can make themselves more useful... Can't men do more besides donating the sperm and perhaps paying the bills?

I know there are better men who are involved in family and fatherhood, like my lovely father. Men, don't bash me for this seemingly absurd entry. It's just a thought after all the fussing about husbands with friends. Turn out we've all gotten ourselves a bad bargain... Now can only suck thumb, bite the tongue (or end up nagging nonstop) and press on while having one another as confidantes.

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