Friday, November 30, 2012

Nursing rooms experiences

I have always been googling reviews of nursing rooms in the various shopping malls that I'm planning to go to. Those blog entries really help me a lot. These two are the ones that I prefer to most: this & this =)

Here, I am not doing a review as I am just not that good at gauging the conditions... however I'm gonna share the experiences I have in the various nursing rooms that I've been to so far.

Compass Point:

The first ever nursing room that I've visited. Spacious diaper changing and nursing room. 2 diaper changing stations and 2 individual cubicles that can be locked. Two persons can be seated inside comfortably, along with the stroller inside. I have nursed here a few times and so far so good.

Isetan @ NEX:

I haven't nursed here. In fact, I was here alone (while waiting for my colleagues to catch up over lunch on Tuesday) but I just wanted to check out the nursing rooms as I've read good reviews from the other blog entries that I've seen. Spacious with 2 individual nursing cubicles, each comes with an armchair and a small table.

Takashimaya level B2:

I was there today with hubby and baby. Baby pooed while on the way to Takashimaya, so I quickly searched the location of the nursing rooms in Takashimaya while still in car. We parked our car at level B3 and went straight to the nursing room in level B2 to change her diaper. There are 2 individual nursing rooms, each with one armchair and also each with one drop-down nursing station.

Takashimaya level 3:

After our lunch, baby seems hungry and it was 3 hours after I last nursed her, so we went to check out the nursing room in level 3. The cubicle cannot be locked and has only a curtain which makes me feel very insecure. I put the stroller right at the curtain and I thought I heard someone came to the curtain and left, probably upon seeing my stroller the person knows the cubicle is occupied. There's a sign that says no males are allowed at the nursing cubicle, and ample diaper changing stations at the other side, with chairs and benches for family or friends who are waiting while the baby is being nursed.

Below, bought this for baby at Takashimaya... we bought a playard for baby and several Christmas gifts for hubby's nephews and for my gift exchange sessions coming up, and got a $10 voucher that will expire in 3 days. It is only valid in the children's department and we are definitely not coming back to Takashimaya anytime soon, so we shopped around and I decided to buy another cloth book for baby. :) This is her second cloth book, her first one on counting and numbers was bought at Kiddy Palace.

Lastly, something to share... taken at the clinic while waiting to see my baby's PD, some weeks ago. =)

It says:
One hundred years from now... it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a CHILD.

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