Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby sleeping bag project

I'm back. I have so much I wanna share. Everyday I made up my entry in my mind, full of stories of my days with my baby, and yet at the end of the day I could never find time to come type out each entry that I wanted to share. Alas, this motherhood diary will never be complete with all the thoughts that I wanted to keep.

Anyway I'm here because I'm doing a research on baby sleeping bag (or sleeping sack) patterns. Yup patterns, for sewing. My darling baby keeps kicking her swaddle all over and sometimes I even find it next to her head. So I worry that one day she may grab it and cover her face/head... and it will be more dangerous to cover her with a blanket so that will never be an option. I started looking at baby sleeping bags but they are either too thick for our warm weather (and I sleep without aircon), or super freaking expensive (for those "suitable for tropical weather").

I wonder how that mere pieces of cloth stitched together can ever end up so highly priced but well, many baby stuff are priced to empty loving parents' pockets. Right? So I thought may be I could start making one for her... just try. May be. With material of my choice. And if it worked I may just make somemore and may even make for friends! How about that? But well... me being myself. I'm always  too busy to start doing things that I wanted to do inside my mind. Writing blog entries included.

Anyway just a head start, I founded some links with patterns that I can use. Gonna bookmark them here in this entry, and share with others who may be interested in making their own.

(The last one is amazing! You can do it with any unwanted shirt from your hubby, your dad or dad-in-law, your bro or bro-in-law etc. It's good for our weather, save on buying new fabrics and buttons or zippers, recycle old material, and really sweet too!)

Okay, this is definitely one project which I dunno if I'd ever get started! And if you come across any cheap sleeping sacks available in Singapore or online, please please please leave me a comment and let me know. I'll really appreciate the gesture. :)

PS. If I'm ever too free (NEVER!) I may even start on this, this, this or this!!

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