Saturday, May 23, 2015

The delivery

This is a backdated entry, typed on 5 June. First, here's a summary of my story as told on Facebook after a friend asked if I've shared my birth story...

Actually i haven't shared on fb... too much drama lol... but well, here goes:

Bloody show on Friday night, admitted and gynae broke water bag ready to induce. Pushed to delivery ward, put on drip to induce then suddenly the ward is full of people (I'm told all the staff in delivery suite came in) panicking over the lost of heartbeat with my gynae. I was given oxygen and instructed to breathe deeply as everyone fussed and panicked around me. It was a very traumatic experience for me. After the temporary lost of heartbeat, her heartbeat resumed and gynae said I'm too sensitive to the induction drip, gimme minimal dose only my contractions too strong and suffocate baby so cannot induce... stayed the night with mild contractions and plenty of fluid pouring out nonstop. According to a nurse with some sense of humour, i have an olympic size swimming pool inside my water bag, then she changed her mind and said make it two olympic size pools. Morning gynae tried to induce again with half of the usual minimal dose... contractions come back and got really painful so I asked for gas... but it got really bad plus once again baby heartrate kept dropping when I have contraction. The nurses alerted gynae cos from their experience likely cord around neck. I was in so much pain i was giving in to epidural, then gynae came and advised to hv csec... i was in too much pain to think yet have to decide whether to go with natural, epi or GA go csec... was very stressful and i really didn't want to make any decision in that state but no choice... nurses said epi guy need time to come but one GA doc is in op theatre at the moment so can administer for me immediately, so i decided to immediately GA csec and get it over asap. Then really very fast they push me to op theatre, gynae changed and ready to op, GA doc telling me nurses will press on my throat as she administer and i KO... hubby said within 15 min from i made the decision and they pushed me to op theatre, they brought bb out to him... gynae said cord went around her 3 times. Then yea... i woke up in a lot of pain and they pushed me to the ward and the best thing is my baby is safe and well, the rest is history and will stay in memory lane. End of story. ^^

Here's more.

At 7:30am, my dilation was still 4 cm. I was missing my first born's fast and smooth delivery so bad and was whining to my mummy friends on our Whatsapp group. I was sore from lying motionlessly as I couldn't move otherwise the heartbeat reading on the CTG would go haywire. Plus I couldn't eat or drink and I was very thirsty inside the dry air conditioned delivery ward. Dr Tham arrived shortly after 7:30am to ask if I want to consider csec but I didn't want, so he ordered for me to receive half of the usual beginning dosage for inducing me again... as the night before was worrying. And baby's heart rate still dropped. I've decided to wait until the half day Saturday clinic closed and if there's no increase in dilation or contractions, maybe I'll consider other options. Fortunately baby's heart rate went back to normal but the staff dare not increase my dosage, thus no major contractions yet. They told me it's going to be slow like this because major contractions are needed for the cervix to open up. Somehow I kept comparing with my first delivery and that was very fast but I was also in a lot of pain and struggling with the gas throughout the contractions. All these while, baby has been very active inside, while I've been leaking fluid for like forever! Throughout the night I've been hearing many babies cried upon delivery and I kept wondering when will I hear mine?

I lost track of time but my contractions got more and more painful until I was struggling and gave in to gas... then it got even more painful, and I was wondering if I should give in to epidural. The nurses came and said that my baby's heart rate dropped with every contraction, and through their experiences, it was likely because of cord around the neck, so they're informing Dr Tham to come. When he came, I was in a lot of pain plus only 4 to 5 cm dilated, and he asked if I wanted epidural or just go for csec. I was certainly in too much pain to want to make the decision, but I have to... I signed the form for epidural first but within seconds I was struggling in pain and the nurses told me that the person administering epidural would take time to come while the doctor administering GA was already in the operating theatre... with baby's heart rate dropping and me in too much pain to wait anymore, I finally said okay, I'll go for GA and csec. So I signed another form and they quickly prepared me and wheeled my bed into the operating theatre and transferred me to the narrow bed inside. I still remembered I was told by the doctor that the nurses would press on my throat as she administer the GA, and then I knocked out. When I woke up I was in a lot of pain and very disoriented. It was later that my husband told me that baby was brought out within 15 minutes from the time I made the decision and went into the operating theatre. Dr Tham also told me later that the cord went around baby three times - around the neck, the body and the legs. My girl was born at about 11:30am.

And to end everything, I'd really like to say a big heartfelt THANK YOU to all the experienced nurses at TMC delivery suite and my super fantastic gynae Dr Benjamin Tham. =)

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