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May 2015

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12 May 2015
It's been a while. So I went back to work and got busy again. Of course before going back to work, I grabbed every opportunity to cook something for myself while at home.

A lot of things that I wanted to update here since the beginning of May but as I get busier, they all slipped my mind. Mother's day is over. And work wasn't smooth as I had to rush through the syllabus for my students before exam comes attacking. And they were slow. They had the cheek to tell me that they only behave in my class and not when other teachers went in and gotten a scolding from me for that... they need to pay attention and be good students whether they see me or another teacher for their next science lesson, as I cannot confirm if I were to be back the next day. I'm carrying a time bomb now. And they should realize that it's their own results at stake. Sigh, sec ones. Then of course there are other things like marking, keying in of CA1 results, and preparing for exams... many of my friends' schools have already embarked on their examinations but we will still be having lessons until tomorrow. Seriously I'm not entirely looking forward to tomorrow... the thought makes me wish baby will pop today.

Talking about popping, I'm 37 weeks and 1 day today. It's really anytime now. In fact, the night before last, I was feeling some kinda crampy feeling in my pelvic area, and I started timing to make sure the contractions that I felt were regular before waking hubby up to send me to TMC... in the end I waited and waited. And the contractions came and go but irregularly... maybe it's just my imagination? I couldn't sleep and I went to work yesterday (my super dreaded Monday that's awfully packed with lessons) super tired and restless.

Last night I didn't sleep well too... and I read that not sleeping well or restlessness is one of the symptoms of labour coming soon? Also, yesterday my feet began to swell, and I woke up today with swelling fingers. More signs huh? Or is it just me dying to pop thus seriously over-thinking things a bit?

This morning I felt pain in my lower body when I was walking down the stairs as I went down for morning assembly, and it was definitely a chore climbing back up to the staffroom on level 3 after morning assembly. I felt this cramp feeling walking up the stairs, and had to sit down and rest. This is not good... I hate this, either stop making me suffer from walking around as I really need to work and that includes walking around and using the stairs a lot, or just let baby pop so I can start on my maternity leave and no one at work can touch me. My school leader has told me that if I go on hospitalization leave, I'd bring the exam scripts home to mark to help lighten my colleagues' workload. I understand perfectly, but I'm not feeling totally delighted about being so understanding now. Hubby's pleading baby to pop only after his exams that end on 22 May, but I'm seriously looking forward to her popping as soon as possible... I'm tired, restless, feeling the cramps and my feet are swelling... I'm not enjoying any single bit of these.

19 May 2015
So, a lot of things happened from my last entry last week until now. After my entry, the very night we brought my girl to see the GP for her fever, ulcer and cough. It turned out that she's having asthmatic bronchitis and had to use the nebulizer. And she screamed and wailed throughout the session... it was so heartbreaking. She was given 2 days MC so I took 2 days childcare sick leave. It didn't get better the next day as she woke up breathless, so we went to the clinic again. She refused to even enter the clinic and then we went home. MIL told me to rest and went down again with hubby (who's on study leave) and hubby messaged me that I had to prepare a bag as we're going to KKH after another neb session. I was crying as I packed, my poor little girl! Later, hubby told me she screamed and wailed so badly that the doctor came out of her consultation room and went to the treatment room to stop her neb session... apparently she's screaming the building down. We went to KKH and it wasn't any better when the nurses tried to administer the inhaler with her. She screamed and struggled so badly and we had to really held her back and pin her down... I can't tell you enough how heartbroken I was to witness my girl having to go through all these ordeals. She must be so traumatized by the mask of the nebulizer and inhaler that she started crying so badly each time she saw it.

Luckily she didn't need to be admitted and we went home after spending the day in the observation ward at KKH, with lots and lots of meds, including 7 days worth of antibiotics and the inhaler set that we had to administer on her for 6 days. I wasn't looking forward to it as she'd definitely be struggling and crying and I'd be struggling too. It was definitely a heartbreaking ordeal forcing her to take her inhaler dosages in the first two days as her struggling got worse and threw both MIL and myself off balance and hubby had to hold her down and grip her head for the dosages to be administered. Fortunately, I browsed through the hashtag 'nebulizer' on Instagram and found many pics of babies and toddlers using nebulizer calmly, so I showed her and managed to convince her that she could do it calmly too! The 'inhaler' hashtag didn't result in much photos of young children though. She managed to calm herself down and later even attempted to assemble the set of mask, spacer chamber and inhaler all by herself. KKH gave us 7 days worth of MC but I only took 2 days of childcare sick laeve plus one more day of MC on Friday... have to be prudent with the childcare sick leave as so far I'm only entitled 5 days for 1 child.

Last Friday was my gynae appointment (I asked for MC to cover that day) and I went with another mummy in my current mummies group as we share the same gynae and her appointment was coincidentally 30 minutes behind me. It was raining and we shared a cab down, and lunched together at Delifrance at TMC. It's one of those super rare afternoon when the clinic was unusually quiet and empty. We were early and we quickly finished our appointments even before our respective appointment time! After my apoointment, I went to a place in Kovan area to send my Medela Freestyle for servicing and then bought dishes home from Vegetarian Express Cafe for dinner.

Saturday's my cousin's wedding. My dear aunt was so happy that I could go as she had wanted me to be there. Unfortunately my girl wasn't well yet, so I went alone and my hubby stayed at home with my girl. When leaving the banquet we shook hands as I congratulated her once again and she predicted that my baby will pop 3 days later... but 3 days later is today and I'm right now typing in bed at 9:10 pm. :P

Yesterday was Monday and I'm back at work. It's getting hectic in school once again as the students are now having exams and my markings started coming in yesterday. Everyone's really tied up with all the markings and my colleagues are all praying that my baby won't pop until the end of the week and I can finish all my markings. I totally can understand as it's really no joke coping with own markings while sharing another person's marking load. In fact I'm also helping another colleague with his marking as his mum's in hospital and in his own words "not optimistic" :( so he's on parent care leave today and I'm trying to mark as many scripts as possible. It is afterall my duty and I am not keen to become a burden to my colleagues... although most of my mummy friends are telling me that I should be taking a break now from my work already, and take ML in advance or HL (no thanks, because my school leader said I'll have to bring marking home anyway if I'm going on HL again) instead of marking hectically in school for hours on ends, days after days. And especially when the students are not even bothered to do well... the papers are not difficult at all but the amount of rubbish (from not listening in class and not revising for the exams) that they wrote is astounding. It's like, I'll have to detox to rid of the amount of rubbish that I have to read everyday, plus take tonic to replenish for all the "puke blood" moments while marking... not a nice thing for a teacher to say but well, you'll have to experience it yourself to believe it.

I haven't been sleeping very well. Either (1) I got worried that baby's not moving around as often as before, or (2) I felt some discomfort in my lower bump, pelvic or groin area and started wondering if I'd be going into labour soon, or (3) the aircon gets too cold or too warm (despite nothing was adjusted) for me in the night... I've been going to bed feeling cold but waking up in the middle of the night with my head and neck and pillow drenched in perspiration and then having difficulty going back to sleep after that... and because of these (1) worries, (2) discomforts and (3) weird "hot flashes", my sleep got very disturbed. *tired max*

Anyway, today's bump.

21 May 2015
38 weeks 3 days today, and my next gynae's appointment is tomorrow.

These (instagram posts) basically sum up how I feel these 2 days...

Yesterday's dinner: Every evening when I sit down at the dining table after work and shower, I wonder if this would be my last dinner before the littler one decides to finally make her grand appearance.

Yesterday night 1020pm: Because I've craving for prata and curry right now. I'm mad.

Yesterday's supper: The earlier pic was actually taken before 10pm and posted at 1020pm while waiting for the simmering curry to be ready... hubby say dunno I'm eating prata or eating kentang XD

Today's breakfast: Every school day when I sit down at the canteen to have breakfast with my colleagues, I wonder if this would be my last breakfast before the littler one decides to finally make her grand appearance.

Whatsapp with my hubby today: Hubby and I very super shocked because the mummies in my mummies chat group all very fast and furious!! And I actually have the earliest EDD in this group... My dear baby, you're planning to bunk in comfortably inside my warm, cosy and HUGE bump for how long more?! It's so difficult to focus on my marking now with all the excitement going on in the chat group and the littler one moving around so vigorously inside!! Just make sure you won't overdo all your somersaults and cartwheels until your head turns up again ok?! I've enough scare with you turning back up thrice since week 33!

Actually... this is right now: This huge bump is so distracting I can't concentrate on my marking anymore! (>_<) I've a colleague and a cousin comparing bumps with me... and they both had twins!! One last class to go, come on, you can do it! (and am still dreaming about going Takashimaya sales which starts today... eh please, don't even think about it anymore!!)

And my bump's really getting too heavy for me to manage... walking side to side like a waddling duck to minimise the pain and soreness in the pelvic and groin area, and leaning back so much just to counterbalance the heavy heavy bump. >___< Help! It's such a chore just to move around these days!!

22 May 2015
Just saw Dr Tham. I gained 1.2 kg in a week and he joked that he gained the same amount in 2 years. *LOL* Baby is 38 weeks 4 days and 3.4 kg!! Dr Tham says baby's growing very big very fast, and suggested to induce next week if she doesn't pop over the weekend.

He checked that I'm 3 cm dilated and even stretched to help induce labour... it was painful and super uncomfy but luckily it goes away very soon... Dr Tham also said my water bag has a lot a lot of water, which according to him, is "very irritating" *LOL* because the environment's too comfy baby refuses to come out. XD

Anytime now or getting induced on Sunday. So exciting now!!

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