Friday, May 22, 2015

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Around 6:45pm the bloody show was sighted when I went to toilet to poo at Tampines Mall after dinner. Went home for hubby and myself to shower and at around 7:45pm we left home for TMC.

At around 8:15pm hubby went to do admission while I changed into the hospital gown in the observation ward. Dr Tham came to check and I was 3 to 4 cm dilated. So around 8:35pm Dr Tham broke my waterbag and lots of warm liquid flowed out. Then hubby came back and I was wheeled to delivery ward in my bed. The smallest dose of the induction drip was given and the contractions were so intense that baby's heartbeat was lost. Everyone went into panic mode and at one time all the nurses were inside the delivery ward panicking along with Dr Tham... there were like 8 or 9 of them panicking and I was given oxygen and ordered to breathe in and out deeply while the dosage was removed. After a while the heartbeat was back to normal and everyone was so relieved. And as they all left with only one staff and hubby left with me, I started crying as I was very shaken with the overwhelming experience. The missy kept consoling me and told me not to cry as it will hinder my breathing... I was wearing the tubes that send oxygen directly to my nostrils. The drip goes to the needle *pain* in my left arm, my right arm has the blood pressure measurement thingy strapped to it, and the CTG thingy on my bump... I'm totally strapped down in bed.

Later Dr Tham came in and said he didn't expect my uterus to be so sensitive to the induction drip as I was given the mildest dosage and my uterus was contracting so badly that baby was suffocating inside. So he didn't dare to continue to induce me and I have to wait for contractions to get stronger naturally.

At 10pm water kept leaking nonstop drenching the bed, and I called for help... a missy came in to change the pads and mats and said my waterbag is of the size of one olympic size swimming pool... then as the water continued to flow out nonstop, she changed her mind n said make it two olympic size pools!

Once again Dr Tham came to say my uterus is too sensitive so we have to wait for my contractions to get stronger naturally... he said this baby's so troublesome >__< (ya I agree) and he bade farewell and will see me tomorrow. Sigh, it's gonna be a long night... good night.

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