Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What I've done so far today

Today she's 5 weeks and 5 days old.

And here's what I've done in the past 12 hours, excluding toilet breaks.

0410-0430 latch left
0435-0455 latch right
0530-0540 latch left
0725-0740 latch right
0830-0840 latch left
0845-0900 breakfast
0910-0950 latch right (she fell asleep twice)
1010-1050 latch left (read her a story in between)
1135-1215 latch right
1240-1255 latch left
1300-1310 latch right
1310-1440 napped with baby
1440-1520 latch left
1535-1550 latch right

And now I'm typing this entry on my phone as she lies beside me, wide awake.

These are the two books I bought before she popped... Was reading her one earlier today ^^

Wanted to read her the other one but she started wailing for milk again! ><

That's life of a new mama... and she's wailing again. Oh, she soiled her cloth diaper. Time to change, tata!

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