Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Emo again

This morning I was latching as usual, until baby fell asleep in my arms and I was cuddling her and watching her beautiful sleeping expressions. It was a lovely moment and I started thinking to myself:

Although these days are tiring and difficult and I'm extremely exhausted from the constant latching, I really gotta cherish every single moment, and I'm doing that right now. We all know time flies. And in no time, she will no longer be wanting my cuddles and as she grows older she will no longer be needing me... no matter how much I love her and how much effort I have put in now to nurture her and how much pain I have gone through for her.

I'm all emo again and with those thoughts I cuddled her and cried. I never knew I have this much capacity for love. I never knew I can love someone this much. Motherhood indeed is an overwhelming experience.

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