Monday, October 22, 2012


Envious of all those that get to live in their own home truly belonging to them, have a say of what goes into the storeroom or the kitchen cabinets, and don't have to live with in-laws.

On one hand I appreciate my mother-in-law for doing all the chores, on the other hand I envy those who get to live on their own with their own family... No I'm not just envious, I'm super jealous!


  1. im envious of u having MIL to help take care bb... =) cos i dont have... mil passed away while hubby was pretty young... so treasure what u have and whatever support u have. =)

  2. thank you Joleen! :D yup actually i really appreciate that my MIL is there to help. but sometimes i feel i get very dependent on her and with her around i will never learn to be independent and take care of my home on my own. like at times when i wanna cook, i can't. because that is not my kitchen, i don't like her pots and pans and the way she handles her kitchen (my mum's kitchen is much cleaner and more hygienic) and a few times when i bought some ingredients to cook, i always cannot finish using them and end up having to throw away the expired products. so i never really get to learn to cook, and sometimes i wonder if i hv my own place, my own kitchen, i would be able to cook now (after 4 years of marriage) just like my friends now all into cooking and baking and me? nothing... and if i have my own kitchen, i can cook what i want to eat, and not just eat whatever whether i like it or not. and i won't have to keep my sole non-stick saucepan in my bedroom! XD (my old saucepan is burnt by mil and my old non-stick pan is rusty! i dun even know how it happened, but it happened in my mil's kitchen!! *stunned*)