Monday, October 22, 2012

Surf net

Was surfing a bit while baby's sleeping. Two areas of concern: baby fever and working out.

Bringing my little precious out for her jab tomorrow and as it's common to develop a fever after immunization, I did a bit of reading up on baby fever and what to do. Here are two links to share:

And of course trimming away that disgusting flabby tummy will always be an area of concern for all mummies! And unfortunately there's little time to go out for a jog or play some sports as I'm confined at home latching baby full time. What's worse? I'm almost always sedentary as I'm always latching baby in bed and playing with baby in bed too! My only workout is when I have to carry baby and walk around with her when she gets cranky before bedtime. Since I'm "in bed" most of the time, I googled "exercise in bed" and found these to share:

I'm looking at workouts but frankly, I'm starving right now!! With baby asleep it's time to seek dinner.

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