Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What a scare!

Omg :( my baby girl was in front of me crawling around on the floor but I wasn't watching as big girl was pestering me to do origami. Suddenly baby girl started coughing and MIL asked if she put something into her mouth.

MIL tried to dig her mouth but nothing and baby girl started choking. I quickly reached my finger in (not say very clean but emergency) and I felt something in her throat! I was like omg omg!! And then she choked and kinda swallowed it as I couldn't feel it anymore. I was panicking and literally had one finger stuck down her throat (I'm so glad I trimmed my uneven chipped nails this morning).

She gagged and threw up a rubber band in my hand >____< O M G I totally freaked out but really glad it's out. It's those loom band size kinda tiny rubber bands that big girl's childcare centre uses on their hair.

Latching baby girl in room now as I type. I know big girl was in shock too. She was refusing to respond to anyone as she's afraid that she might get a scolding, and when I just started latching baby girl here, I heard her crying outside.

Now we don't even know how she got the rubber band. The last I saw her crawling on the floor, I don't remember seeing any foreign object lying there. We just can't take our eyes off our baby girl for even a brief moment. Unlike big girl who used to just sit on the play mat and play with her toys, our baby girl is always moving, trying, testing. I just hope there will be no more such episodes!

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