Sunday, April 10, 2016

Diaper changing facility at Waterway Point

Oh dear, I've forgotten at which level this diaper changing facility is located. These photos were actually taken a couple of weeks ago but I didn't remember to share immediately.

Here's the single (if I remember correctly) nursing cubicle that's found inside the diaper changing room.

After I've changed her diaper, I couldn't find the bin to discard her soiled diaper and I was quite lost for a while as I turned and looked around everywhere.

It was only after I've pressed the door open button then I saw the bin located pretty conveniently, right outside the diaper changing room.

It's actually quite a smart move because I've been to many diaper changing rooms that stink up really badly due to the trash bin overflowing with soiled diapers. By placing the bin outside, the stench will not linger around in the little space, making it more comfortable for the parents and babies who need to make use of the facilities.

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