Monday, June 29, 2015

Poo fountain

Just now I almost screamed out loud for help, but I realized I'm inside the room behind closed door at one end of the apartment and my hubby's sitting in the other end watching TV in the living room... I doubt he could hear me with that TV blasting in front of him.

Anyway what happened was my baby's fussing badly while latching and I thought I heard her pooped, so I decided to change her diaper. There was only a tiny little amount of soft baby poo. I wiped her and she started passing gas with similarly tiny amount of poo flowing out at the same time. I guessed she's having tummy upset as gas and poo were stuck inside so I did some exercise for her that's supposed to aid in her bowel movement. She passed out more gas with another small amount of poo coming out. I saw that my manoeuvre worked and helped her work out some more. Suddenly, poo started spurting out. I covered her bottom with the diaper and poo just kept flowing out nonstop like a fountain! I saw that the poo's almost overflowing from the sides of her small diaper while her back's holding the rest back. I panicked and wanted to lift her butt to wipe her and quickly transfer her onto a fresh diaper, but her body weight would ensure that the changing mat sloped towards her and the poo's threatening to flow towards her back, which would definitely cause a disaster if overflow onto the mat... poo will be all over on her back and even her romper. I wanted to scream for help but I realized I was really helpless. Luckily I still managed some quick thinking (haha self-praise!) and slapped a couple of wet wipes by the side, quickly lift her up with both hands and rest her dirty butt onto the wet wipes. Phew! Swiftly, I lift up all the sides of the diaper with liquid yellow poo just millimetres away from spilling out of the edges, and rolled the diaper up to end the poo's threat of making an unthinkable mess. Success! Wiped my baby girl and changed her diaper, anf triumphantly went out to tell hubby my success story with baby in my arms.

Yup, I just mentioned I have no time to blog, yet now I'm here telling you about poo. *too proud* Hahaha!!

Oh, and despite all the daily madness that I had from my elder girl's frequent tantrums, just now she was good and I felt so proud of her. She's been super obsessed with baby, always wanting to cuddle her and showering her with nonstop kisses, but she's having running nose now and I'm trying super hard to stop her from spreading her flu to baby. Just now she walked into my room while I was latching baby, after the poo fountain episode, and I told her she's not well so she shouldn't come in, and suggested she stay in her grandparents' bedroom. She actually hesitated and then left the room quietly. Some days she's more than a handful to deal with and drives me mad, but there will always be moments like this when she's such a sensible girl. I must always remind myself that despite all the madness I face, she's gonna be the one that makes me proud. She's my daughter and no matter what she does, even if for a split second I get so mad that I whack her so hard it leaves scarlet finger prints on her fair tiny limb (yes, I'm ashamed to admit that it happens), I'll always forgive her and never stop loving her. Now I'm gonna have a bigger heart to love two girls. And my heart's growing every day.

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