Friday, June 5, 2015


Immediately after I woke up from my csec, I felt nothing but pain in my abdomen. The binder was put on for me and the nurses were putting on the compression socks. All I could do was to mumble "pain... pain... pain.." nonstop as the nurses transferred me to the ward bed and pushed me to the ward where my husband was already waiting for me. It was only back at the ward where I asked my husband where's baby? Is she okay??

The first day was painful like hell!! I could only lie in bed, and adjust bed up or down only... second day was still painful but was made to walk, go to the toilet to pee etc... I could sit up on the bed to receive visiting friends and eat... my friends advised me to get out of bed to walk more, if not I'd be struggling on the day to return home. I still walked like an old woman though, slow and almost hunched down in pain, on the second day as well as the third day when we're going home.

When I came home, I walked around quite a bit... I carry baby, latch her, go to the toilet, bathe myself with the boiled herbal water etc. And slowly it got better. On the fifth day, we went back to TMC for baby's PD check and I could walk without difficulty. By 1 week, most of the pain has gone away and i could function normally... on and off I did get some cramp feeling, like a mixture of muscle cramp, menstrual cramp and contractions kinda feeling deep inside. I whined to my mum over the phone and she said of course there'll be pain inside as the doctor has to cut through so many layers of flesh and muscles to reach the baby, so the layers inside are still healing slowly.

Now I'm 13 days post-csec and feeling absolutely fine. I miss the bump but guess what? One thing I feel super good about is when I wipe my legs after bathing... I could stand on one leg without toppling!! LOL~ but I can't enjoy too long as usually my milk will be dripping down my tummy and thighs nonstop and I'll have to race against time to get dressed and put the nursing pads in place. (>_<)

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