Friday, June 5, 2015

Past few days

It has been 13 days since my second girl popped through a cut in my abdomen. There are a lot of things that I have wanted to share here but I couldn't find time to blog at all. I guess that's truly how it's like to be a parent of 2 children... more to juggle, more time on family, and lesser time to indulge on other stuff like blogging etc. I do continue to post on Instagram though, with lots of posts on my confinement food.

MIL has been cooking a huge variety of food for me. In fact, this confinement doesn't feel like confinement at all. MIL will blast the fan at me because the weather's just too atrociously hot! And the meals she cooks are like the usual fare, just with more ginger and stuff. Let me share today's meals:

Today's sumptuous breakfast! Some days I have wholemeal bread with cheese and milo, or hot mee sua soup ^^

Lunch and dinner and fruits ^^ I have brown rice for every lunch and dinner :D

Hubby has been helpful as much as he can, but as usual, when woken up from his sleep, he gets really grumpy. And I get upset too, but I didn't voice out as I know he's tired too as he needs to work, and to drive to work too. And on days of my girl's PD check or my post-natal gynae check, he drove us to and fro. Sometimes I get really upset with him for being so grumpy and unwilling to help in the middle of the night, while sometimes I am really grateful for him to be always there especially to bring us to TMC and then back... it won't be easy without him tirelessly chauffeuring us around. Sometimes I'm upset because I've been through longer nights without sleep with my first girl's confinement, when he wasn't around to help me at all, and now I just want him to help me with a bit and yet he seems to unwilling. And one of my best friends' hubby said that he'd do anything for her confinement because women need to rest enough during confinement to recover fully. I'm pretty sure "enough rest" is something I never get throughout my two confinements! Oh well, there are worse husbands out there of course. I must be grateful and appreciative for mine~ always count my blessings!!

On 28 May, we went back to TMC for my girl's PD check and her jaundice level was once again considered not low and we were advised to either admit her for phototherapy, or rent the equipment home to do it ourselves. My husband decided to rent the phototheraphy lamp and bilibed for 2 nights. I guess he didn't have a good experience when he had to rush to and fro to send me to TMC to visit our first baby when she was admitted. And like most - if not all - new mothers, I cried when my girl had to be admitted to the hospital. However, renting the equipment has its share of pros and cons. The pro is definitely that I can see my baby everyday and latch her everyday. The cons are the blue light that's permanently illuminating my bedroom for 3 days 2 nights, as well as the constant monitoring of my baby, especially to check if her eye mask stayed on.

Then on 2 June, we went back for her PD review. Her jaundice level has dropped from 12.9 to 11.1, but still not good enough... so we have to continue to sun her as much as possible and she'll have enough review next week. It seems to me that she's getting 'yellower' again and I'm really worried that she'll be admitted again next week for her jaundice... I'm praying it won't happen!

Yesterday I finally went back to TMC for my post-natal review, 12 days post-csec, as Dr Tham's ever so popular until I couldn't get an earlier slot as none was available. I cheekily asked him if he stayed nearby and he said no... told him that he seems to be always in tmc lolllll... He removed my bandage and said my csec wound is healing nicely. I was prescribed an expensive scar treatment gel, and even recommended some very expensive scar treatment gel sheet (cica-care) for the csec scar. He said perhaps not everyone bothers because not everyone's as vain as him... hahaha!! He's still so cute as ever... I'm so gonna miss him so much after all my post-natal check ups. Oh and I found out I've lost 5kg... from my pre-preg weight!! Woohoo, way to go~ and need to maintain!! Ahaha~ ^^

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