Monday, July 6, 2015

First visit to the mall

That was yesterday. It's also my first time latching this girl in the mall, in the restaurant when we're having lunch. I actually bought a new nursing cover but somehow I'm just so used to using this old one, which is also a freebie from one of those maternity goodie bags and I still have a few of these nursing aprons! Why did I even buy one huh?!

After lunch, we went shopping for a set of outfit for my girl to wear for this year's national day celebration at her childcare centre... oh yes, she has no red top or red outfit. She threw a horrific tantrum in Kiddy Palace as we refused to let her buy the play doh that she refused to let go. After I've took it away from her, she screamed and cried, lying on the floor face down, making such a scene! I'm glad hubby's around to settle her as I pushed the stroller going round and round with my baby inside. She too screamed and made a scene when the stroller stopped moving and it's irritating how strangers we don't know (mostly aunties) peered into her bassinet and commented that my little baby's hungry when I've just latched her and returned from the nursing room! That makes me seem like a bad mom who ignores baby hunger pleas... ugh, it's so irritating and frustrating! But she'll stop crying shortly after I start pushing the strollers around... haha, prove you wrong, busybodies! Anyway she also let out an explosive poo while I was nursing her... I was telling her it's okay, I'd clean you at the diaper changing stations outside the nursing cubicle, then it dawned upon me that my diaper bag was with my hubby in Kiddy Palace! And so I had to put her back to the stroller, push all the way back to Kiddy Palace to swap bag with my hubby, and then push back to the nursing room, change her and then back to Kiddy Palace again to look for my hubby and our girl.

It was when I was latching baby in a nursing room for the first time, hubby brought our elder girl to Kiddy Palace where I said I'll meet them after nursing our baby, and my girl took a set of play doh and refused to let go. Even told me to keep it inside my bag *faint* when she saw me and we kept telling her that the things in the stores aren't ours until we've paid for them, so we can't just keep them. We told her firmly that we would not buy it for her as she does have play doh and many other toys at home. Hubby was telling me that while I was pushing the stroller around, he asked her if she had money to pay for it herself, and she said yes! So he asked her for the money and she said it's in mummy's bag. (-__-") Seriously girl? So smart uh?

Sigh I'm still undecided whether a baby who wants to latch in public when you're trying to enjoy your lunch, lets out explosive poo in shopping mall and doesn't stop crying until the stroller's moving, or a toddler who throws tantrums at the slightest thing, home or out and about, and creates a scene in the mall that makes you feel like the most embarrassed parent... which is the more difficult stage of parenthood? I still can't decide. I can't.

After the time in the mall, we went to my parents' place for dinner and then went home at almost 8pm... by the time we reached home, both the bubs were asleep behind. And my hubby showed me that he could be an impressive father of our bubs. ^^

Last night, baby started turning in her cot and she turned 90 degree and got stuck horizontally in the cot. It was in the middle of the night and she started making a lot of noise... sigh, why are you moving around so fast?! Hubby brought the fussing baby to our bed and thereafter I kept latching in bed. Whenever she fussed, I just try to pop her object of desire into her mouth... but it could take quite long as we both not so experience latching lying down, yet she got so excited that she kept shaking her head and struggling like she's fighting with my boob. (>_<)

I think she's having this bad habit of wanting to latch whenever she smells me. She can be quite quiet and sleeps quite fast when hubby's carrying her. However when I carry her, she'll cry and keep searching around even when just bottle fed... MIL says she just wanna latch because she smells it.

My baby had two major explosive poo in the morning, and when I was changing her diaper, there's milk trickling out of her mouth. Makes me wonder how much she's been drinking throughout the night and whether she's overfed.

Anyway, how to latch lying down and get her burped? My first girl didn't take in so much air when she's crying or swallowing and we have no issue not burping her at all after latching... only necessary to burp after bottle feeding. Now this girl always has so much gas inside and let out huge burps after every feed. However throughout out the night, we were both falling asleep when latching while lying in bed, so there was no burping at all. This morning she was fussing again and I decided to latch her sitting up. The moment I lift her up to my chest, she let out such a huge burp, old milk (complete with curds) started flowing out of her mouth like a fountain for a while. Sigh, does that mean I have to keep awake and burp her after she's fallen asleep and unlatched, risking waking her up while burping. Or perhaps I shall be very careful when lifting her up every morning, anticipating a huge burp with milky pukes? >__<

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