Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Count my blessings

Sigh, I think I sprained my right ankle. It started with a mild pain in the morning and it's getting worse throughout the day of walking on flat grounds plus going up and down the stairs. 

What perked me up was when I reached home moments ago, to see my girl dancing around in front of the baby's high chair entertaining her baby sister and laughing away at her own silly moves. My girl has just finished her dinner and mum-in-law's still feeding the littler one. I'm counting my blessings everyday, to have such lovely daughters and wonderful support at home.

Added 2 days later: MIL is a gem! She rubbed my foot with medicated ointment and gave me medicated plasters to apply on my foot overnight, and my foot felt better on the next day. *thankful indeed*

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