Monday, January 18, 2016

Nursing room at Waterway Point

I visited Waterway Point today! Hubby treated me to Starbucks~ ^^v

It's the day of its opening and guess what? I immediately went to check out the nursing room!

At first glance I thought these are toilet cubicles... but not possible, as this is what I saw on my right...

I pushed the door of a vacant cubicle and this is what I saw.

Each cubicle has one armchair and one power socket.

This nursing room is on level two, near the indoor children's playground... which was of course very crowded on the opening day.

The weather wasn't exactly fine but I just wanted to share a pic of the view from the outdoor area of the mall... facing the Punggol waterway~

It was extremely crowded on the opening day, and the queue at Daiso was super long, so I gave up shopping. I'll be back though! And I'm happy to find some of the eateries I like, plus others that attracted my attention and I hope to try them out some day!


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