Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Quiet book project

I have been reading up on the Montessori method and I was so intrigued I wanted to make little toys that can engage my girl in some play-based learning activities, especially on training her motor skills. I bought materials (felt, pompoms, wooden clothes pegs, etc) for making them since my toddler girl was a new born baby but I procrastinated on making them actually happen.

Recently, there's been a growing trend (or craze) of mummies making quiet books in Singapore. I read up about quiet books and it wasn't a new thing in some other countries, but it's definitely is very new to me! Coincidentally, the materials I bought could be used to make a simple quiet book. I'm once again intrigued, this time by this quiet book trend, and I want to try make one myself. But procrastination got the better part of me again and it took me so long to finally try to get started today. And hopefully I can do something with the materials I have before the end of my maternity leave.

I joined the Quiet Book Singapore Group on Facebook!

Sketching out what I have in mind for each page of the quiet book I'm planning for... hopefully I can make them happen!

Some of the materials I have at home. Yes, it's time to start!!

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