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October 2014

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8 October 2014
For the past week, I've been feeling bloated and nausea at dinner, despite feeling hungry before returning home for dinner. Last week, twice I've vomited after dinner. And in the past few days, I have thrown away most of my dinner after picking around the food. And I vomited again today after I tried to finish my dinner. I felt fatigue, emotional and I'm not well. Last Tuesday, I had a total melt down with my direct superior at work, as I was feeling emotionally very unstable. I often feel sick around dinner time, and I crave for chocolates and citrus juices. So today, finally I got down to buying a pregnancy test stick off the shelf of Watson's, and did the test. It showed a positive result. I kinda expected it from all the symptoms but I gotta admit, I've been obsessed with testing on the pee sticks since the beginning of the year and I've seen enough negative results. Just not enough to turn me off testing another time. From my previous entry, you would have read that I haven't been having a good time this year in the fertility department, so this result should cause me to be super elated. But I don't know. I'm feeling calm now, and I was recalling that I carried the stroller with my daughter sleeping inside up a flight of stairs over the weekend... and of course carrying her a lot a lot, giving me lots of backaches. I'm the gungho mom who wanna do every single thing myself, as far as I can. Now, I wonder how will a new pregnancy change that.

10 October 2014
Today, my colleagues and I went to Canton Paradise for lunch and I had egg fried rice and free flow water chestnut drink. I finished my lunch but almost immediately after lunch I felt sick and I vomited. Yesterday, I called my gynae's clinic but his next available appointment slot is 20 October. Hubby will be flying off for work from 17 October to 1 November, and the staff at the clinic advised against postponing the appointment until November as I may have difficulty securing an appointment for the detailed scan and oscar test. So today hubby called in the afternoon and mentioned he's free to go, so he'll pick me up at work and we will just go to a nearby gynae to confirm my pregnancy first.

The gynae isn't in on Friday afternoons at the Raffles Women Clinic (where I had my ultrascan for the very first time) and we ended up seeing Dr Adrian Woodworth, but he would only be at the clinic about an hour later so we went to walk around and i felt hungry again. It seems that I've lost my appetite for a full meal like rice, noodles and such. Instead, I prefer bread and kueh. Then we walked pass MOS burger and I said I wanted a corn soup and a croquette burger, so we went in and shared a meal, while he had the cold drink and bought corn soup for me too.

Finally, we get to see Dr Woodworth. He's exactly what everyone else describes, very fast, very few words, very efficient, and within minutes, we're out of the consultation room... and seen many many couples went in and out of his consultation room in mere minutes while we wanted to pay for the consultation. And yes it's been confirmed, I'm 6 weeks preggy!

My next consultation will be back with Dr Benjamin Tham, and I can't wait! Also, I will be in TMC next Wednesday for my acupuncture appointment at TMC TCM, and I can't wait to tell Dr Chen Fang that I'm pregnant too!

11 October 2014
My girl and myself are totally enjoying this very interactive book! I bought this some time ago, anticipating a second baby soon, and this book is indeed lots of fun for both of us~

I feel like vomiting after every single meal, which is bad! When I'm hungry, I feel like vomiting too, and then I feel like vomiting again after my meal. The feeling is horrible, it's like feeling constantly sick!

12 October 2014
This is indeed the worse of my two pregnancies so far, and it's been barely 7 weeks! I feel queasy before food AND after food, and wanna puke all the time. My migraine is already haunting me on and off, and it only attacked me in the third trimester the other time! My girl has been really fussy in her sleep for the past 2 weeks, waking up very often to cry and make noise, and mum-in-law said it could be because she could sense my pregnancy. Sounds like some kinda old wives' tales, then my mum said the same thing too. So it must be right? Hubby agreed with them! He said since she's been crying and shouting "no!" etc in her sleep, it seems like someone's snatching her stuff away from her... maybe it's her new sibling. Okay, so I must agree too. Right?

My mum is someone who isn't very tactful and today she got on my nerves again when I announced the piece of good news to her.
Me: 妈妈,我怀孕了。
Her: 恭喜,医生不是说你不会怀孕了。
I swear if I'm not trying to be a role model in front of my daughter and my unborn child, I might be spewing vulgarities, because I seriously hate it so much when someone comes and negates your positive news. Furthermore, from your mum! And I don't think I've said anything like the doc said I can't get pregnant again or anything remotely close. And my mum still asked me if I'm sure about it and I had to tell her I already went to see a doc to confirm it. Zzz I was jumping mad inside! I'm not some insane woman who just imagine that I'm pregnant and go around telling everyone, k?!

On the bright side, I have never vomited at my parents' place, where I am right now. So I guess the food here doesn't trigger me. So far, it seems like oily food stuff will make me puke. My mum's cooking is forever healthy first, oily last (if not I'll complain to no end!) and I really miss eating her food everyday. When I told my mum that I'm pregnant, after that dreadful conversation above, she started asking about my confinement, which I said it's still too far to talk about now. But darn, I sure wanna ONLY eat my mum's cooking everyday of my confinement! That's for sure. But I am so not going to move back here, away from my girl and letting my hubby get away from my confinement blues and anxieties again. It's really a torture handling everything myself, waking up in the middle of the night crying to a wailing baby without him around me. I really need to give him a taste of what REAL fatherhood is all about. Hahaha. Alright we'll just see how it goes later... seriously, confinement is still such a long time away!

13 October 2014
This app is actually my 'period calender' and not a pregnancy tracker... but I love how it has all the symptoms and uses cute icons to depict them. I'm not really diligent in using it though, and only update as and when I remember to.

I've downloaded the babycentre pregnancy app too... and will look at the daily updates every once in a while to see where's my baby's developmental milestone inside me. =)

Hubby was telling me about this piece of news today! "Jubilee commemorative Birth Certificate unveiled"

14 October 2014
I am so dying to tell everyone that I am pregnant! Omg, I gotta wait another 5 weeks before first trimester is over and I can finally announce my pregnancy?! I'm feeling extreme fatigue, having migraine, and extremely queasy after each and every meal, yet I can't let people know and have to act normal despite feeling terrible? This is so draining! =( 

And these entries are all saved as drafts until my first trimester is over too, before I can finally announce the news, and finally publish these entries.

As I'm typing now, my hubby is packing his luggage... sigh, he's flying off for his work trip again this Friday.

15 October 2014
Visited TMC today for my TCM appointment. Dr Chen Fang congratulated me upon me breaking the piece of news to her, gave me some advice, and changed the prescriptions for me so that it's more suitable for pregger me, especially to help with my appetite as I'm not keeping my food down. I had another session of acupuncture... this time I had needles poking from my feet all the way up my thighs, on my wrists, on my forehead, top of head and ears. I had to lie motionless for 20 to 30 minutes, and it was really difficult with itches here and there. Plus the two needles poking between my toes on both feet were really painful for the first few minutes... but I endured through it, so a big pat on my back! :P

Usually there'll be no more shuttle bus service after my session but today I went for an earlier session and managed to catch the last shuttle bus to Novena Square! I did a little shopping at Esprit and I bought buns for dinner and red rooibos tea too, all from Cedele, before taking the train home.

17 October 2014
I vomited twice yesterday and I vomited twice today.

I sleep early because I feel freaking tired once night falls, but I wake up at 4 in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep! =(

Today hubby's flying off, so I won't be sleeping early as I need to be at the airport at 11pm to drive his car home...

19 October 2014
I actually vomited thrice on Friday! =( But I didn't vomit at all over the weekend, which was great. I'm going to see Dr Tham tomorrow... I'm nervous, I'm drastically gaining weight and I'm really worried that I'll get gestational diabetes... sigh. Wish me all the best!

20 October 2014
Today's visit at Dr Tham's was superb. We were both very excited and kept YAY-ing - I went "Yay!" and Dr Tham went "Yay!" and I went "Yay!" and it just went on and on... which was quite fun and funny at the same time. *lol* 

Now my new baby's estimated to be 8 weeks old, with EDD on 1 June 2015. Dr Tham also gave me some meds for nausea and vomiting. And I quickly took a piccy of the ultrasound scan piccy and sent it over to hubby. My next appointment will be for oscar test and will be on 18 November... ^^v

Anyway, I vomited once today. Of course, before I take my meds.

21 October 2014
Satisfied my ultimate craving: bagel with cream cheese spread! And I'm not the only one loving it at home... my daughter kept licking the cream cheese off her quarter-piece of bagel and demanding for more cheese spread!

My other ultimate craving is for curry instant noodles, but I can't be satisfying that too often. Is once a week too much?

23 October 2014
I vomited once yesterday and twice today. And I think I'm taking the opportunity to binge and purge again. Which is really bad!!

I came home and there was no dinner. MIL asked if I've eaten and I said no, but I have no appetite. And MIL cooked sweet potato porridge for me when I was bathing. Really grateful!

Anyway, I went to a seminar with a colleague, and she mentioned that I've been looking pale for the past few weeks and showed her concerns. I do not want to tell my colleagues and friends yet, so I just matter-of-factly told her that I haven't been feeling well and have been vomiting after food, which is true.

24 October 2014
Went out with cousin after work and finally, I told someone about my pregnancy. My dear cousin was real sweet to treat me to a cuppa decaf toffee nut latte at Starbucks :D

We met because we went to collect our Hello Kitty Run race pack. :D Cute right?

Here are the plushie in the race pack, my race tee, and my baby's Red Riding Hood Kitty ^^ Can't be running definitely, will be strolling. Too many people to run anyway... the whole pathway will be super packed!

25 October 2014
Brought baby to the airport to play, and I read while she was napping in the stroller. I'm reading Revenge Wears Prada and this page happens to show that the lead character Andrea's baby would be due on June first! Same EDD as my littler one~ :D

27 October 2014
I'm going to TMC for my TCM appointment later. And my hubby's car died. I need my colleague to come jump start for me later in the evening or tomorrow, and hubby will only be back on Saturday, when I'll be strolling in Sentosa for Hello Kitty Run. I wish the car will be fine, I'm not sure I will want to call the tow truck to come bring it to the workshop. Maybe I'll wait until hubby's back from his work trip?

29 October 2014
Yesterday was both fun and hectic. First, I met my colleague early in the morning for breakfast. I had vegetarian kway tiao with curry veggie, fried beancurd and mock ngoh hiang... love my breakfast, but a bit overly filling. Keke.

Then it was time spent in school, working most of the time but spending some time chatting with colleagues too. After school, we went out for splendid lunch at a Korean restaurant in Heartland Mall.

And then the hectic part began. I went home and my hubby's car couldn't even be unlocked! I was lost and I kept messaging (over whatsapp) my hubby who's overseas. First, he said try to unlock with his other remote device, so I went home to find it and went back down to the carpark to try again. No respond. Then he suggested changing the battery of the remote device, so I went home to get my wallet and the screwdriver to unscrew the device and check the battery, went down to the hardware store to get the battery, went to replace the battery at the void deck and went back to the carpark to test on his car... no respond. And I was supposed to meet a girlfriend for dinner so I told her that I'm busy at the moment with hubby's car and will update her if I could make it. I called hubby's friend to get his advice before calling his (hubby's friend works in or owns the car workshop) car workshop guy down to check on-site, or perhaps need a tow truck. Then I tried to unlock with the key, and the alarm didn't go off. With the car unlocked successfully, I called the on-site guy. He could only reach one hour later as he's helping another car far away from my place, and it's gonna be peak hour. So I went home to wait and also informed my friend and let her know that I had to wait, and then I may meet her later for a late dinner. Fortunately the guy came earlier than predicted and settled the car. I was stinking madly from running up and down and it's really warm at the carpark. Finally it's over! I told my friend I had to bathe first because I'm super stinky (I swear I smell like vinegar!!) from running up and down the whole afternoon, and then finally took a bus down to meet her.

While waiting for dinner to be served, my friend asked me if I'm pregnant. She said it's her gut feeling, and so I told her yes I am! She was really excited, and she was so worried that I've been exhausting myself running up and down from the flat to the carpark and hardware shop etc the whole afternoon. I was like... I'm fine, don't worry! We had a great dinner and she gave me the belated birthday presents for my daughter. She wanted to meet me to pass me the presents because she missed the party due to some last minute overseas trip. My daughter's so in love with her new Craftholic plushie, she immediately hugged it to bed. =)

30 October 2014
The month is closing and I'm feeling better this week... at least I have not vomited for days now. Last night, I'm still craving for plain porridge with preserved beancurd, and I had exactly that for dinner. Then I had porridge again today for lunch with my colleagues. Some days I crave for curry and stuff, something really spicy or flavourful, while other days I just want something really simple and bland, like plain porridge.

I just hopped onto a thread in the motherhood forum. Joined the EDD May group as although my EDD is 1 June, I guess I most definitely will be delivering in May. I just hope to be in a group where I can share everyone else's excitement before me... unlike my first time, when I was the first one to pop in the entire thread, so not much anticipation for me, although lots of excitement of other mums around me over my delivery. I'm pretty sure that with my EDD on 1 June, I'll also be the first to pop if I join the EDD June group... I wish to have a different experience this time, so EDD May group it shall be!

31 October 2014
It's the last day of October! It's also my baby brother's 30th birthday! :D Today, I joined a Facebook group for EDD June mummies, recommended by my dear friend, after finding out last night that we both have EDDs in June! Gosh, I'm so excited today, I'm using a lot of exclamation marks... hahaha! Oh, I was telling my friend about my pregnancy first (and then she told me she's due in June too!) because my girl is an easy baby like her eldest boy, and her second boy was quite tough to handle... with this pregnancy being much tougher than my previous one, I really think my second baby's gonna give me a much more difficult time, and I felt I need to consult her on how she coped. =P Now I'm really excited that I actually have a friend who's going through the same stages as me! Yay!!

My breakfast today:

One colleague went to the market near his place to get dough fritters, 'butterflies', hum jim pengs, tea and coffee for us, and another colleague went to the mall near my workplace to get soya milk for me and herself. I'm so blessed that I have such awesome colleagues! We had brekkie together in the staff lounge. I love life like this :D but it's only like one week per year (this time of the year when most of the secondary school students have gone on holidays and the graduating batches are still doing their Os and our meetings and department work-plannings haven't started) that we get to do this...

Now I can't wait for the Hello Kitty Run (umm, Hello Kitty Stroll actually) tomorrow... to be over! I'm feeling super fatigue, and I couldn't sleep well at all for the last 4 consecutive nights. I can't sleep early as my mind's super alert and I keep waking up at 4ish in the morning and then I can't go back to sleep as my mind gets very active as soon as I wake up, and start thinking about work and other stuff. Sigh~ Mind ah mind, just calm down and rest a bit, can? *relax please*

And today, the last day of October, I also decided to publish this entry on my blog. Yay!! 

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