Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas!! Today we're going to my best friend's new place for a Christmas cum house warming party later, and I can't wait! Wrapped up lots of pressies~ ^^

*pending pic*

Anyway, I found the perfect doodle pad amidst my clutter to scribble down my bread recipe manipulations! ^^

Did a bread experiment today. The result is too sweet and too damp. Need to reduce amount of honey next time.

Sadly, the stirrer was embedded inside the bread and I've forgotten about it after leaving it to cool. I hit it with the knife and sliced out some of the teflon coating when slicing through the bread and I understand that it means the thing should no longer be used as it is no longer safe. Now I need to know if Mayer sells that stirrer separately... or I'll never be making bread again. Sigh. :(

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