Friday, January 9, 2015

January 2015

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9 January 2015
I can't believe it's only term 1 week 1!! Gosh, the week has been hectic! Lots of things... everyday's been hectic and although I'm on 4/5 load, I'm working almost full day in school for almost everyday so far!

Sad that my detailed scan coincides with the release of O-level results next Monday. Exactly at 2pm! I wanna be there to witness my beloved students receive their life-changing result slips, but alas! Such coincidence, assigned by the gynae's clinic. Sigh...

16 January 2015
I've been feeling super lazy to blog. Several times I feel like coming to blog, but I didn't on my computer at home because I'm busy with my girl, and when at work I'll be busy with work of course. Ended up spending a lot more time sharing or whining inside the June 2015 mummies group on Facebook instead, as commenting on the Facebook mobile app is so much easier and faster than typing a blog entry!

Went for detailed scan on Monday and my baby is confirmed to be a girl. Everything's okay according to the report, and Dr Tham declared she's growing well and healthy inside.

31 January 2015
I'm such an emo wreck now. I've been crying for the past one hour and I'm still crying. I wanna run away from home but I can't leave until I stopped crying. I'm upset because my girl refuses to nap with me and only wants my parents-in-law, and my hubby who just returned from his overseas work trip, is away at his friend's place for games and pizzas with the guys. I'm alone in my room weeping away while my girl's playing with my father-in-law in his room. It seems like I won't get to cuddle her to sleep ever again. It's a fine Saturday afternoon but I'm suddenly feeling very lonely. It feels like the whole world has abandoned me. Nobody wants me anymore. I feel so unwanted and neglected. I want to just run away from all these...

I'm back, feeling a tiny wee bit better... just getting kinda craycray. And now I'm hungry. I wanna run away to eat, but I have no craving at all and dunno what to eat... How can one pregnant woman have so much problem?! Urgh.

I'm back again. It's 3 hours since I started crying and 1 hour since I said I'm hungry... yes I still am. Haven't had any craving yet, and there's absolutely nothing in the world that I wanna eat now. Hubby's not back yet but I whined to him and he said he'll be back to bring me out for dinner. I'm starving... I thought very long to think of something I will eat, and after pondering, I told him I wanna eat vegetarian chicken rice!!

Now I'm just waiting hungrily for him to come back to reality from his fantasy bachelor-style Saturday afternoon.

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